Thriving in Your Medical Career: Working Here on the South Shore

Step into a world of healthcare excellence and professional fulfillment on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Our “Working Here” page is your gateway to discovering the abundant career opportunities, collaborative teaching programs, and exceptional lifestyle that await medical professionals like you. From modern medical facilities to a vibrant healthcare community, the South Shore offers a dynamic environment where your expertise is valued, your growth is nurtured, and your impact is significant. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or embarking on a new chapter in your career, let us guide you through the enriching journey of working here, where your passion for healthcare aligns seamlessly with the warmth of our welcoming communities.

Embrace the Vibrant Health Professional Community of the South Shore

The South Shore of Nova Scotia boasts an exceptional health professional community that continues to flourish with expanding facilities and leading-edge teaching sites. A highlight of this region is its esteemed status as a teaching site, with both the Dalhousie South Shore Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) program and the Dalhousie Family Medicine Residency, Halifax/South Shore Site. In the LIC program, third-year medical students from DAL complete their entire clerkship on the South Shore, with six students per year benefiting from the guidance of over 95 local preceptors, including esteemed co-directors Dr. Greg Thibodeau and Dr. Tarah Millen. Additionally, the Family Medicine Residency program is starting in Liverpool and will soon extend its reach to other South Shore communities under the leadership of co-directors Dr. Amy McMullin and Dr. Tarah Millen. This thriving teaching environment and the dedication of our exceptional healthcare professionals ensure that the South Shore remains at the forefront of medical education and innovation, making it an ideal destination for aspiring medical practitioners to grow and excel.

Discover Exceptional Healthcare Centers Across the South Shore

Each location embraces a commitment to healthcare excellence, fostering a collaborative environment that empowers both patients and healthcare professionals. Be part of the South Shore’s healthcare legacy, where your expertise finds its perfect match.

Embark on a journey to outstanding healthcare services with a network of clinics and offices strategically located across the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Here are just a few of the remarkable options available:

Bridgewater & Area Family Health Centre - Bridgewater

A hub of comprehensive care. This center is a testament to collaborative healthcare. With a team of doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and family practice nurses, the Bridgewater & Area Family Health Centre ensures holistic well-being for all.

Hubbards Family Practice

A thriving practice with room for growth! Currently home to two dedicated practitioners, the Hubbards Family Practice warmly welcomes an additional practitioner. Plus, benefit from the expertise of a skilled Nurse Practitioner, enhancing the comprehensive care provided to the community.

Our Health Centre - Chester

Your gateway to health! Our Health Centre offers a dual approach to care. Upstairs, you’ll find a convenient walk-in clinic, ensuring immediate attention to patients’ needs. Downstairs, a dynamic team of talented doctors awaits, ensuring comprehensive medical services for the community.

Chester Family Practice - Chester

Join a community of care. With two esteemed doctors at the helm, the Chester Family Practice delivers personalized healthcare to the community. Be part of a practice that prioritizes patient well-being and creates lasting health partnerships.

New Germany and Area Medical Centre

This blossoming healthcare center in New Germany is a well established “community built” practice with 2 part time physicians and 2 nurse practitioners. As a growing community, exciting opportunities are on the horizon to contribute to the well-being of residents.

Lunenburg Family Health - Lunenburg

Your family’s health, our priority. Lunenburg Family Health is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the community. With a lineup of esteemed healthcare professionals, expect comprehensive medical services that cater to every member of your family.

Pelham Medical Services - Lunenburg

Experience medical excellence. Pelham Medical Services boasts a duo of experienced doctors, providing quality healthcare services to Lunenburg residents. Join a practice that values professionalism and patient-centered care.

Mahone Bay Medical Centre - Mahone Bay

A hub of medical excellence. This dynamic center houses a team of dedicated doctors, committed to delivering top-notch care to Mahone Bay and beyond. Experience a collaborative environment that promotes holistic wellness.

More to Come.

Get ready for an exhilarating transformation as the South Shore Regional Hospital undergoes a jaw-dropping redevelopment! With a whopping 30% expansion, this healthcare haven is set to soar to new heights, boasting a vibrant, ultramodern design that includes a sparkling new Emergency Department, an expanded Endoscopy and Day Surgery Unit, a cutting-edge Dialysis Center, and even a state-of-the-art MRI facility. By the numbers, we’re talking a mind-blowing 218,705 square feet of innovation, all backed by a $115.7 million investment. Brace yourself for a two-story addition, home to the future of emergency care, and a single-story gem housing the MRI Diagnostic Imaging Unit. But that’s not all – essential upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems will also be in the mix. Picture a tripling in size for the Emergency Department, more exam rooms than ever before, a faster lifeline to the HeliPad, and groundbreaking support for renal patients. As if that’s not thrilling enough, this project will march towards LEED Silver certification while embracing eco-friendliness and efficiency. Buckle up for a four-year construction journey from Spring 2021 to 2025, and get ready to witness healthcare innovation at its finest!

Meet the voices of experience – our dedicated doctors who have chosen to call the South Shore of Nova Scotia their professional and personal haven. Discover their stories and insights as they share their journey of practicing medicine in a close-knit community that values collaboration, well-being, and a fulfilling lifestyle. These testimonials offer a firsthand look into the thriving healthcare environment, the warmth of the community, and the unique opportunities that make the South Shore an exceptional place to live and work. Let their words inspire you as you consider joining our dynamic medical community on the beautiful South Shore.

I moved back to my home province of Nova Scotia in 2022.  I was hesitant to make the change after 7 years practicing in Ontario, but it didn’t take me long to settle in and I felt welcomed from the first day.  The Lunenburg community is engaged in healthcare; community organizations and patients are supportive to and advocate for family doctors.  There is a real sense of teamwork among medical professionals, and I am benefitting from extra resources associated with a hospital based family practice – working closely with dietitians, diabetes educators, wound care nurses, and all the various specialties who share space in the hospital.  I have a good work/life balance; thus far I have been able to secure locum coverage for vacations, and I can walk to work and to everything in town- pool, tennis club, multi-use trails, great restaurants and an abundance of family friendly events and festivals. 


Dr. Michel Samson

Why Practice Here now?

Choose to practice on the South Shore, where your medical journey flourishes, your family thrives, and your well-being is at the heart of it all. Join us in a place where your professional aspirations align harmoniously with your quest for a life that truly resonates with balance.

Dr. Peter West

Dr. Peter West shares his story of moving to Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia with his family to start a new life that has everything he needs.

Dr. Tarah Millen

Dr. Tarah Millen invites you to consider living and practicing in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia! recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment to promote our community’s culture and resources to healthcare workers.

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